5 Ways To Get A Man To Love And Marry You


Finding a guy is one thing, but keeping him around is another. Both are important steps. But what are some of the secrets of women who find men willing to commit? This is not an all-encompassing guide, but it may be a start in helping you develop deeper relationships.

1. Love yourself: Think, would you marry you? If you’re not happy with who you are then don’t expect others will be. Analyze yourself and change what you don’t like. Positive self-esteem is key

2. Communicate: From the start of the relationship and all through the marriage, the key to keeping the relationship together is communication. Tell him what you feel both positive and negative.

3. Be natural: For all the glamour advertisements out there, the fake boobs, hair dyes, and all the rest, a man really appreciates something that is genuine. Be natural and don’t pose.

4. Show confidence: Be sure of yourself, and ready to tackle whatever is before you. Many men love confident women.

5. Appreciate a man’s strengths: Also, tell him so, even if he’s already prideful. Then, support him when he is at his best, and avoid nagging or berating him when he is at his worst.


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