5 Signs Your Man Wants to Marry You


So to help you figure things out, let’s take a look at 5 sure signs that he wants to marry you.

1. He Happily Mentions Weddings: If he reacts positively to talk of marriage, then it very well may have been on his mind beforehand, so be on the lookout for this sign.

2. He Invites You to Family Events: Does your man invite you to his family events? To birthdays and Christmas dinners, Easter Sundays, and everything in between? If you sincerely feel like a part of his family, he may have marriage on his mind.

3. He Gives You a Key: If his motivations check out and he opens up his home to you, he might just be getting ready to pop the question.

4. He Includes You in Big Decisions: Speaking of planning, if your man is including you in all of his big life decisions, it’s a sure sign that marriage is on the horizon. This is a big one.

5. He Acts Like Your Husband: The openness that comes with marriage is the biggest sign here. If he’s asking your thoughts on his important life events, he’s allowing himself to be vulnerable with you


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