5 Reasons Why Your Man Hasn’t Proposed Yet


This list explains five reasons why your man has not proposed… yet.

1. Financial reasons: Most guys will not propose till they are certain they can afford a wedding and that their income is satisfactory enough to sustain a family.

2. Family problems: Another reason why your boyfriend maybe holding back could be the influence of his family.

3. He’s just not ready: For some other guys, their reason for holding back is just their unreadiness.If he’s not proposing despite the lovely relationship you have with him, it could be just because he’s not ready.

4. It’s not him, it’s you: Some times when a guy refuses to propose as you may have expected him to, it could be because he still has fears about you and your character flaws.

5. Too soon: That your friends are getting married does not mean your relationship is ready for that leap, too.The earlier you realized this, the better.


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