5 Kinds Of Men You Should Never Take Home To Your Parents


You love your parents, right? Well then, heed our words and do not bring these 5 guys home to meet the family.

1. Any dude older than your dad: This screams of daddy-issues. Either that, or your parents will think you’re a gold digger. Do you really want them thinking either of those things about you? We didn’t think so.

2. An adrenalin junkie: Your parents won’t be impressed by a guy who wants to take you BASE-jumping or really to do any other dangerous activity.

3. A drug dealer: What are you thinking? This guy will make your loving parents lie awake at night wondering how he is going to hurt their baby or get you arrested.

4. A man-whore: Along with the porn star, this is a fella you want to avoid. Your folks will totally be able to tell what kind of man he is (particularly if he hits on your mom)

5. And finally, there’s the Tattoo Guy: But he’s not just any old Tattoo Guy. He’s a modified, horn-possessing, ear-gauging, spike-implanting creature who’s guaranteed to send your folks into cardiac arrest.


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