5 Reasons Why You’ll Remain Single For A Long Time


So, maybe it’s time to quit complaining about the baeless life. Your inability to get a man may be down to the following five things:

1. You don’t put yourself out there: ‘I’m not the outgoing type,’ you say, yet you expect to magically find the love of your life.No man is going to come like the FBI and smash down the gate of your house to get you.

2. You still play hard to get: Your mates are out here reaching out to guys they like.They are asking for dates and hookups but there you are, drawing up a nine-month delay plan for every guy that shows interest in you.

3. You let friends choose for you: If your friends’ opinions about guys that like you is what determines whether or not you talk to or go out with them, you might soon become the only single one in the group.

4. Desperation: While you want to be out there and position yourself for that tall, dark and handsome guy to whisk you off your feet, you also want to be careful so as not to appear too eager. It scares guys off.


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