For The Couples: See The 5 Important Things To Ask Your Partner Before Marriage


Here are some of the issues experts believe people need to talk about with their partners before they tie the knot, not entirely because it must influence their decision, but to manage expectations:

1. Any habit that makes the other person uncomfortable: Given that no two human beings are the same, whether in reasoning or character, the future of a relationship lies partly on how both persons are able to accommodate each other’s differences.

2. How family finances would be shared: One of the things that can readily cause friction in the home is how bills would be shared, and this ranges from house rent, money for food items, children’s school fees, money for parents’ upkeep, money for domestic needs, etc.

3. Thoughts on number of children and if gender matters: This is one very important factor that could easily cause unrest in a home. Experts advise that couples should have an open, comprehensive discussion about how many children they want to.

4. Exposure to drugs, alcohols and social media: Not all persons can cope with a partner that is given to drugs, or alcohol, especially if they don’t take.

5. When to involve third party: Usually, in marriage, the golden rule is that whatever transpires, including need for help or even conflict, stays within the home. But, there are instances where innocently or out of genuine concern people spill the beans


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