5 Signs He Is Totally Wasting Your Time


A lot of women enter relationships with men who aren’t even worth their time and they don’t know how to quit such relationships.Below are 5 signs he’s not really worth your time.

1. HE’S ASHAMED OF YOU: When he’s ashamed of you in public or with his friends then it’s obvious he doesn’t truly value you and you are merely wasting your time with him.

2. HE DOESN’T MAKE YOU FEEL SECURE: When a man doesn’t even make an effort to make you feel secure then being in a relationship with him would leave you hurt time and time again, and that’s a waste of time”.

3. HE’S A LIAR: A man who finds it difficult to say the truth but lies at every instance is a waste of time, such a man isn’t worthy of your trust and what’s the use of being with a man who isn’t trustworthy?”.

4.HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOUR PROGRESS: Every man that’s worth being with would put a genuine interest in making his lady a better person; he would care about her progress and success in life.

5. HE CONSTANTLY MAKES YOU UNHAPPY: If you are mostly unhappy and sad in the relationship then that relationship isn’t for you — it’s just a waste of time”.

Time is priceless and wasted time can never be regained and being with a man that shows these signs above is a total waste of time.


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