5 Biggest Mistakes Women Make In Relationships


Here they are in no particular order, the 5 Biggest Mistakes Women Make In Relationships:

1. You Don’t Know Your Own Value: No man can really respect a woman who will allow him to treat her so shabbily, so this truly is a self-inflicted wound.

2. You Try To Change Him Or Don’t Accept Him As He Is: There’s nothing that turns off a man like meeting a woman he’s trying to impress and then having her immediately try to turn him into her latest “project” that she’s going to fix.

3. You Create Drama Instead Of Memories: men are relatively simple creatures who navigate the world via logic and reason — it just doesn’t make sense to be all worked up constantly.

4. You Either Didn’t Build Trust — Or You Broke It: If a man is going to consider a future with you, he has got to believe that you respect him and have his back while he has yours.

5. You Tried To Tie Him Down Too Soon: This may be one of the biggest mistakes women make over and over again. After one date, women often seem to think they’re now magically in a “relationship.”


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