5 Ways Satan Tries to Attack You


Satan wants nothing more than to enter certain areas of your life so he can gain a stronghold.

1. Your heart – so it’s not God’s alone: There’s a reason God’s Word tells us: “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” (Proverbs 4:23).

2. Your worries – to make you doubt God’s love and provision: Satan wants you stressing, because then you’re not resting in God’s ability to care for you.

3. Your everyday thinking – so you’re just like the world: It’s amazing how many people profess to know God and follow Him, yet their thinking patterns are just like those of anyone else in the world. Satan wants you to be so absorbed with the ways of the world.

4. Your speech – so you tear others apart: God wants us to be holy mouthpieces for Him – people who heal and help with our words. But Satan would rather have you and me blowing it big time with our mouths.

5. Our Bodies — so they no longer glorify God:  Why is it that young girls will cut their bodies or starve themselves when they are dealing with emotional pain? I believe it’s because Satan will turn us against our bodies if he can, as a way of “getting back at God.” Our bodies are precious to God.


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