4 Daily habits That Are Killing Your Brain Cells. Please Stop Doing Them


According to numerous scientific studies the way in which one lives ones life could damage brain cells over short or long term periods, leading to the development of degenerative diseases and several other conditions. Below are 4 harmful habits:

1. Not eating breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it noticeably influences your performance, endurance, and emotional situation. A lack of breakfast could cause general lack of energy, loss of concentration and memory, bad moods, poor physical and intellectual performance. Eat a substantial and healthy breakfast.

2. Smoking: The terrible habit of smoking considerably reduces brain matter as well the oxygen supply to the brain.

3. Covering your head while sleeping: Sleeping with your head covered increases the concentration of carbon dioxide and reduces the amount of oxygen, which could cause harmful effects on the brain.

4. Not sleeping enough: You need 8 hours of sleep a night in order for your brain to rest, for metabolic processes to properly take place with the resulting energy produced, as well as for cellular renovation. Depriving oneself of sleep accelerates the death of brain cells over short term, and will keep you tired and in a bad mood all day.


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