4 Bad Habits You Need To Break To Succeed


1. Spending too much on things you don’t need: We pay less attention when we buy things that don’t cost much or offer us a great deal. Before we know it, our small spendings stack up, and what originally seemed like a few measly bucks escalated to a figure we can’t sustain anymore.

2. Overusing the word “sorry”: We’re taught “sorry” from a very young age, and for a good reason too. It’s to tell people how bad we actually feel for causing them trouble, or for hurting them. And while some of us understand when we should apologize, there’s a few of us who utter “sorry” for almost everything!

3. Surrounding yourself with people who hold you back: It’s nice to have a bunch of friends who got your back, that you genuinely enjoy talking to. But there are times when friends ask too much for your attention or step into your personal space. To the point where you lose focus on what you’re trying to achieve.

4. Doing your most important work, last: Our most important work is often the toughest. Because it either requires more brain cells or more time.For me, that’s writing. And I always make it a habit to write the moment I wake up, because that’s when my mind is feeling the most refreshed.


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