Is Too Much Exercise Harmful to your Health?


“No pain, no gain,” the essence of these words is quite motivating but it can be dangerous in cases when taken to the height. If you are spending too much time in gym, training too hard, your body becomes more likely to respond negatively. Over exercising can be harmful for your body, over doing it can lead you to an unhealthy body.

A report released by Journal of the American College of Cardiology express that, “people who exercise too much may undo any known benefits associated with exercise.” For instance, if you ran at speeds for 3 or more days per week for duration of at least 4 hours, you might have the same risk for dying as someone who rarely exercised.

Learn the following issues overtraining or work-out can cause.

Muscle damage

Over-exercising can strain your ligaments, joints, tendons, and bones. And consequently your body suffers injuries. As the time passes, you could witness a loss of lean-based muscle mass. This is specifically right if your body is lacking any type of nutrition.

Weak heart

Your heart is a muscle. In the event that it gets to be strained, it would become weak. Thus, this could prompt heart failure.

Poor immune system

In case when your body becomes too tired and worn out because you were exercising too hard and too long , it can affect your immune system and after that you have more chances of suffering from infections and diseases more often.


If case of women, they have chances to come to the condition known as “amenorrhea”, which is the end of your monthly periods. In the event women experience this for a long period of time, they may lose their “Bone density”.


Excessive exercise can make your body dehydrated because of sweating a lot, if you don’t drink more of the water. Dehydration can cause a lot of health issues.

Sleeping disorders

When you do exercise too much your adrenaline is ceaselessly pumping and your brain is working and racing too quickly, that make it difficult for you to fall asleep, stay asleep or feel as though you don’t get enough sleep, consequently upsetting your sleep cycle.

Eating disorders

You are more inclined to eating disorders i.e., “anorexia and bulimia”. Subsequently, you don’t eat adequate amount of supplements that keeps you healthy.

Psychological disorders

In the event that you are not feeling your normal level of excitement for your fitness regimen or sport, or if you don’t feel mentally ready for exercise, you could be encountering the psychological impacts of overtraining disorder.


You may create mental entanglements when you exercise excessively. You turn out to be more bad tempered, moody, depressed, or encounter low self- esteem.

Prevention and remedy

The most ideal approach to avoid over-activity issues is to take after a training timetable that shifts your training stack and includes compulsory rest phases. Treatment for both the physical and mental side effects of overtraining requires attention from medical experts. Address your physical side effects promptly; handle your mental side effects next. You may need to restrict your training time or enjoy a break. The first and most essential step for treatment just perceives that you are experiencing the condition.


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