Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life


We are not defined by our past. Not when the present can be better and the future, bright.

Therefore, failing at something shouldn’t be a reason one gives up. Falling is not failure. It’s refusing to get back up that is.

If anyone thinks that every rich and famous person they know, doesn’t have an idea of what failing looks like; they should please think again. Many of them were written off as useless and incapable of being useful to the society, by older ‘wiser’ adults. Who’s laughing now?

It’s not failure when you learn from your mistakes. That’s success. That’s experience. It’s nobody’s prayer to fail, but when it happens find a way to deal and then get back up. You can actually come back bigger and better than you ever were.

I’m not saying that failure must come before one succeeds. All I’m saying is that it’s inevitable on earth. It’s not going anywhere. So, it’s best to keep an open mind in case it happens. The only time that hope is gone, is when someone dies. As long as one is alive, there’s always room for second chances and improvements.

Then again, the only one in charge of our destinies, is God. Therefore, nobody on this green earth can look at someone else and conclude that they’d never amount to nothing. Not even those ‘village people.’

Your attitude towards failing is what matters. Do you see it as the end of the world or do you learn from it? If your answer is the former, then you need a lot of readjusting to do. Impossible is nothing.


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