Social Media Happiness Is A Mirage


Ever heard the saying, ‘things are not always what they seem?’ No truer words have been spoken. The Internet has really changed lives. Some for good, some for not-so-good, some for ugly.

As an average person, it’s not abnormal to go through your social media timelines and wonder how come you’re not rich or famous. But there’s a problem here. Not everything you see on the Internet is true. I have seen people outed for lying, or coveting other people’s stuff on social media, more times than I care to remember.

You have a roof over your head, you can afford three square meals a day, you have no terminal illness, you have a stable family and loving friends, you can afford the basic necessities of life; yet you become depressed when you see a random girl flaunting Chanel bags beside  different cars or a guy you don’t know, popping bottles of champagne and displaying expensive looking timepieces on every picture they put up.

You forget that a lot of people; very many people, put up appearances for validation on social media. Some go to the extent of borrowing clothes and posing in front of exotic places, just to impress people they don’t know. Some have to sleep around and even contract incurable diseases, because they want to have ‘fans.’ Ever though these fans don’t care if they live or die. And that is why you are sad. Sad because you want to have the life of people living a lie. People that you are probably better off than they are.

You know all the hype, the buzz and false admiration all of those generate? They are fleeting; without substance.

Next time you see someone you don’t know flaunting ‘riches’ on the Internet, please remember that you’ve got a lot to be thankful for. A lot of things that matter, to thank God for. And those are the things that you should think about. Not some random person who probably cries them self to sleep every night, because their life in reality is empty.


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