Modupe Ozolua: Quit Sending Me Facebook Romance Messages, Body Enhancement Expert Warns


Body enhancement expert, Modupe Ozolua, has issued a stern warning to randy men flooding her Facebook inbox with romance messages to stop doing so.

Modupe, who is acclaimed to have pioneered cosmetic surgery in Nigeria, has endured romantic advances from Nigerian men for more than two decades.

Addressing the worrying litany of romantic inbox she deals with on the popular social networking site, she said, “Listen, just because you have access to Facebook does NOT give you the audacity to send me stupid inbox messages.

STOP in-boxing me every second! There is nothing wrong with saying hello but don’t expect a reply because I DON’T KNOW YOU…AND don’t dare cop an attitude when I don’t reply by sending me more messages!

“Don’t be deceived, I go from 0 to 1,000 REAL QUICK!!!

“Meaning, I know how to BLOCK and I do…happily! I didn’t ask you to inbox me. We don’t have to communicate beyond “liking” people’s posts. If you can’t respect yourself, stay off my page and inbox. This is no damn wanna-be-Facebook-romance brewing! Consider yourself warned!”

Modupe Ozolua got married at 21, had her son at 22 and was divorced by 23.


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