3 Types Of Women Every Man Wants To Marry


It is important for you to choose your partner carefully in order to have the best out of the union. You cannot feign ignorance if you end up in an abusive marriage. It is either you failed to see the signs or you decided to ignore the signs you saw. Check out the types of women that will be every man’s dream woman any time any day:

1.The submissive woman: No one wants to know about your qualifications and the positions you occupy. If you are not submissive to your man, you are of no use. Men want to be in charge, knowing they have a spouse or a partner who makes them a priority thrills them.Being submissive does not make you a fool, you should never interpret this virtue as slavery.

2. The home keeper: Not all men are coordinated! Some find it difficult to put their acts together. Being in a relationship with a woman who can put the home and their affairs into order is important.If you are beautiful and curvy without being able to render any help in the house, men will continue to use and dump you.

3. The woman who is not a liability: You do not have to be the CEO of any company for the world to see you are working. Men love women who are dedicated and hard-working.A woman is considered beautiful inside-out when the men know she can fend for herself and not depend solely on them.



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