Why Did God Create You


Man is something really special. He is made in the image of God. He is made to have fellowship with God.
Some people get the idea that God made man so He’d have someone to dominate. But God is not a dominator. God is love and love needs to have someone to give to. That’s why God made man. He made him, so He could give him His love.
God could have given His love to the angels, and He did that. But giving to angels didn’t provide total fulfillment. Why? Because angels aren’t made in His image.
The reason you’re like that is because you’re created in the image of God. That’s how He is. He has a desire to fellowship with someone like Himself.
Dare to believe you’re something really special today—a one-of-a-kind creation made by God in His very own image. Dare to receive His love and dare to love Him back!


  1. Man of God, today I believe by the grace of God up on you after your prayer for me .all around me will change.I pray to God so that he may provide for the start of my ministry with the grace up on you,may he provide for my marriage and with a financial breakthrough in Jesus name

  2. Warm greeting my prophet, I believe that today after your prayers to God on my behalf my life will never be the same.I ask God to bless me or to increase gift in me so that I may start the ministry and may he provide financially the start of this ministry.I ask him to provide for my marriage and a financial breakthrough in Jesus name


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